[OSM-talk] Changing Bing to bing

Martin Koppenhöfer dieterdreist at gmail.com
Tue Mar 7 09:34:57 UTC 2017

> On 07 Mar 2017, at 09:44, moltonel at gmail.com wrote:
> FWIW I've alway ignored JOSM's "Bing" -> "bing" warning and would be glad to see it removed, or reversed and downgraded to notice.
> While we do have a "standard values should be lowercase" best-practice in OSM, I don't think this should apply to source tags except maybe "survey" and "local_knowledge” :

note that “local knowledge” comes in a series of sauces, local knowledge, local_knowledge, Local knowledge, …
IMHO there doesn’t seem need to unify any of those. You can easily unify all spaces and underscores and capitalisation downstream for making statistics or similar.

FWIW, personally I prefer “Bing aerial imagery” over “Bing”, as the latter is not sufficiently accurate (it’s the name of a search engine). Seems more to type, but autocompletion makes this difference almost vanish. Looking at taginfo, there are many others who prefer being more explicit.

> * Most source values, like Bing, are proper names and capitalisation matters.

according to our contract with them, they might be called “MICROSOFT® BING™ MAPS IMAGERTY SERVICE” (sic! MS managed to get a typo in the contract headline)

And maybe interesting for some, you may not use them anyway if you are editing osm in a commercial context.

There also appear to be very few changesets based on other Bing maps sources that are explicitly forbidden and these contributions should eventually be redacted:

> * "Bing" is twice as frequent as "bing" on taginfo, so suggesting the later goes against the general trend.



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