[OSM-talk] multipolygon source tags preferred method

Dave F davefoxfac63 at btinternet.com
Mon Mar 27 14:20:54 UTC 2017

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On 27/03/2017 09:41, Jochen Topf wrote:
> Putting the sources on the objects has been deprecated for a while. 

Which wiki describes that?

> The source should be put on the changeset only.

Apart from JOSM, which editors allow that?

> If you are doing edits that involve several different sources, it is 
> best to split the changes up into different changesets. Of course this 
> is not always possible, then you can also put several sources in the 
> changeset source tag. Adding the source to the objects was deprecated, 
> too fined-grained source tagging simply doesn't make much sense. We 
> can not track every source for every node, way, or relation or the 
> parts of them for every tiny change that somebody does.

Could you expand on 'tracking' please?
Individual entities can have multiple source tags added at different 
times. It would be far harder to 'track' their sources if only add to 
changesets. When editing an object you can instantaneously see the 
sources if added to it.

> In the end most data will have multiple sources and figuring out what 
> came from what can only be done going through the changeset tags, not 
> by looking at the tags on the data itself.

Not true, you can individualize the source tag with hyphens.


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