[OSM-talk] Export Tool 3.0 LIVE

Mhairi O'Hara mhairi.ohara at hotosm.org
Tue Sep 19 02:52:30 UTC 2017

*Version 3.0 Launched*

*[image: Inline image 1]*

Version 3 of the Export Tool officially LAUNCHED on 18th September 2017.
The new version is now hosted at export.hotosm.org, with Version 2
available at old-export.hotosm.org until mid November 2017, when it will be
decommissioned .

Major changes include opening up all regions for export, adding more ways
to select the area of interest, additional file formats, enhancing the
feature selection process and redesigning the UI to follow a more
consistent HOT brand across its tools, as well as make it a more intuitive
experience for users.

Please check out the launch blog
<https://www.hotosm.org/updates/2017-09-19_export_tool_30_launched> for
more details about Version 3, and stay tuned for a series of ‘Learn Export
Tool’ blogs to follow over the coming weeks, as we take users through
different aspects of the tool’s key functionality:

   1. Selecting Area of Interest (September 25th)
   2. Data File Formats (October 2nd)
   3. Customising Map Features (October 9th)
   4. Applying Exported Data (October 16th)

And if you're attending the State of the Map SOTM-US from the 20th to the
22nd of October in Boulder, come join us for the Export Tool workshop

Kind regards,


*Mhairi O'Hara*
Project Manager
mhairi.ohara at hotosm.org

*Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team*
*Using OpenStreetMap for Humanitarian Response & Economic Development*
web <http://hotosm.org/>
 | twitter <https://twitter.com/hotosm>
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*Join us at the 2017 HOT Summit! <http://summit.hotosm.org/> | 14-15
September | Ottawa*
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