[OSM-talk] Adding wikidata tags to the remaining objects with only wikipedia tag

Yuri Astrakhan yuriastrakhan at gmail.com
Tue Sep 19 20:03:00 UTC 2017

There is now a relatively small number of OSM nodes and relations
remaining, that have wikipedia, but do not have wikidata tags. iD editor
already automatically adds wikidata to all new edits, so finishing up the
rest automatically seems like a good thing to do, as that will allow many
new quality control queries. I would like to auto-add all the corresponding
wikidata based on wikipedia, for all remaining objects, using  JOSM's
"Fetch Wikidata IDs".

This way, we will be able to quickly find all the objects that are
problematic with the Wikidata+OSM service. For example, thanks to the
community, we already fixed over 600 incorrect links to wiki
disambiguations pages, and this will find many more of them.  We will be
able to fix when things are tagged as people (e.g. wikidata -> person,
instead of subject:wikidata -> person), find location errors (e.g. wikidata
and OSM point to very different locations, implying that its an incorrect

Some statistics (I don't plan to add wikipedia tags to those with only
Query: http://tinyurl.com/yafxe4co

has both        n   323,745
has both        w  137,097
has both        r   248,588

no wikidata    n   68,330
no wikidata    w  131,796
no wikidata    r   11,602

no wikipedia  n   77,224
no wikipedia  w  47,402
no wikipedia  r   17,408
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