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James james2432 at gmail.com
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It was an example of "organised editing". If a "local group" invites
newbies/other people to edit a specific thing (sidewalks, buildings, roads
etc) does that policy cover them as well or are they counted more as
"normal mapping"? One could argue that: "We define other
organised mapping (or editing) as any editing that is also steered by a
third party, but where no money is paid.". A local group could tell the
group what and how to map as much as a outside company could do the same.
I'm asking where do you draw the line on who is an organised mapper vs
normal mapper(to which the new policy wouldn't apply)

On Wed, Sep 20, 2017 at 7:46 AM, Christoph Hormann <osm at imagico.de> wrote:

> On Wednesday 20 September 2017, James wrote:
> > Also does organised mapping include groups that hold little
> > mapathons? Example a local mapping group from Vancouver, Toronto,
> > Montreal or Ottawa decide to say map sidewalks in their city. It's an
> > organised event. Would they be included as well?
> >
> > The terms used in this survey seem a little vague and can be left to
> > interpretation.
> I think you are misunderstanding the idea of the survey here - this is
> not a vote on a regulation of organized editing, it is meant to gather
> opinions of OSM community members on the matter.  Classifying organized
> editing activities in a fine grained way would be beyond the scope of
> such a simple exploratory survey.
> You can be sure the DWG knows that there is a broad range of organized
> editing activities and that even within the definitions given for the
> survey there is room for interpretation.
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