[OSM-talk] DWG survey on organised editing

Christoph Hormann osm at imagico.de
Wed Sep 20 11:46:44 UTC 2017

On Wednesday 20 September 2017, James wrote:
> Also does organised mapping include groups that hold little
> mapathons? Example a local mapping group from Vancouver, Toronto,
> Montreal or Ottawa decide to say map sidewalks in their city. It's an
> organised event. Would they be included as well?
> The terms used in this survey seem a little vague and can be left to
> interpretation.

I think you are misunderstanding the idea of the survey here - this is 
not a vote on a regulation of organized editing, it is meant to gather 
opinions of OSM community members on the matter.  Classifying organized 
editing activities in a fine grained way would be beyond the scope of 
such a simple exploratory survey.

You can be sure the DWG knows that there is a broad range of organized 
editing activities and that even within the definitions given for the 
survey there is room for interpretation.

Christoph Hormann

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