[OSM-talk] Fixing wiki* -> brand:wiki*

Simon Poole simon at poole.ch
Wed Sep 27 13:37:55 UTC 2017

Am 27.09.2017 um 15:00 schrieb Andy Mabbett:
> ...
>> Why would that matter to OSM?
> It may not, It certainly matters to OSM's users.
> Tim Berners Lee coined the "Five Stars of Open Data"
>     http://5stardata.info/en/
> defining best practice in publishing open data. OSM already meets the
> first four, well. The fifth is:
>  *  link your data to other data to provide context
You are assuming
a) that an arbitrary best practice definition is relevant for OSM
b) that we get any real life brownie points for this outside of academia

> and that's what including Wikidata iDs in cases such as the above does.
> In fact, since that makes OSM more useful and thus more attractive to
> re-users, it *does* matter to OSM.
You still haven't given any specific real world use case in which
brand:wikidata would actually be helpful and somebody would -really-
want to consume it. Outside of than that it would obviously be good for
wikidata and for people going to linked data conferences.

My take is that it adds a nearly impossible to maintain (consider your
own Woolworth's example), non-speaking, foreign key for additional
information that is already  that is already quite adequately provided
by the brand key.

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