[OSM-talk] Fixing wiki* -> brand:wiki*

Yuri Astrakhan yuriastrakhan at gmail.com
Wed Sep 27 19:56:41 UTC 2017

> That formed no part of the early discussions on how wikidata should
> work? I bowed out when the discussions were going down a path I did not
> find to be at all useful. The current offering is certainly a lot more
> 'organised' than those original discussions.

Getting the initial points across is always a process. Hard to get it right
from the start :)  I hope we can progress in a more organized and
beneficial way.

> I WOULD still like to see a
> storage model that allows third party lists to be managed and cross
> referenced, but that does not fit the wikidata model. It is why I think

'another' cross-reference tool may be more appropriate with OSM and
> wikipedia/wikidata simply being sources.

I am not exactly sure what you mean here. What goals do you have in mind
that cannot be stored with the current system?

> THAT requires OSM to have a
> 'unique id' one can use to cross reference though :(

 If a third party list has a list of OSM objects, any time a new object is
added or existing one is changed, that 3rd party list needs to be updated.
Generally you don't want that. Also, it would require a substantial
fundamental change to OSM data structure and social dynamics - the "ID"
would have to be placed above all else, like it is done in Wikidata.  The
ID meaning should never change, and merging two IDs should leave a redirect
from one to the other.  I doubt that can be easily achievable.
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