[OSM-talk] Links from wiki* back into OSM

Lester Caine lester at lsces.co.uk
Thu Sep 28 10:41:33 UTC 2017

On 28/09/17 10:55, Andy Townsend wrote:
> Obviously wikipedia/wikidata's rules for inclusion are very different to
> ours (in some cases the opposite - wikipedia says "no original research
> - please copy from some other source").  There are plenty of examples of
> things that people think should be in wikipedia and aren't, and also
> things that shouldn't be in wikipedia/wikidata (because they don't
> exist) and are.

While I'm not up to speed with the latest state of play on wikidata, I
understand that it is a lot better at inclusion than wikipedia. My main
complaint about wikipedia has always been that it is rather to 'elite'
in the way it blocks articles someone takes a negative view about. I
have found wikidata entries that don't have wikipedia pages and I would
expect that but it would be nice to have confirmation that this is
actual practice?

In the UK taking an open source list and adding it to wikidata should be
a starting point for things like say 'streets', but many of those
objects do not need wikipedia articles, just an automatically generated
page from wikidata direct. My own problem is that buildings on those
streets add another order of magnitude of of objects and should every
one have a wikidata id? OSM in many areas does have a large number of
objects against which building details can be added ... such as the
brand/operator/chain of the shop or service located at the property. In
the UK, NLPG provides ( if it was open sourced ) a complete list of
properties in the UK, and would be the best source for an accurate list
against which to work. Add similar databases around the world and one
can build a complete model of the whole world. Not something I think
wikidata would want to duplicate fully? But wikidata could perhaps
provide links to the other databases containing fine detail much like
the NSG lists streets which are then used as the base for NLPG objects.

On my day job I've got material that needs indexing, and more often than
not there is no article on wikipedia or in wikidata and at that point I
have a chicken and egg problem. Do I create a wikidata stub so I have
the ID with which to cross reference ... do I add a stub wikipedia
article ... or do I just manage things with my own id's. OSM only comes
into the picture here in managing and displaying location data but it's
the ID of premises such as birth, death and activity locations that
overlay all the objects I'm working with. Premises listed on the UK
national census are a typical fairly reliable source I'm working with
daily ...

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