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Andreas Vilén andreas.vilen at gmail.com
Sun Apr 15 20:40:04 UTC 2018


I just went through some notes all around the world (or, at least northern
Africa and southern Europe, but even huge cities like central New York have
these) and found lots of easily closable notes. For example two notes
stating that a football stadium does indeed have the name it was tagged
with (one two years old, one two weeks old), 3-4 year anonymous notes
stating "no left turn" (app created not very trustworthy notes), several
reviews of restaurants, two notes about a local supermarket that was tagged
three times and so on. Obviously these are tagged in areas that either lack
active mappers or lack active mappers who look at or even know of the
existence of notes. More than once I have come across notes that have been
resolved since they were created but have not been closed (or in some cases
"fixed, do you want me to fix anything else", unresolved for two years).

Personally I look at all notes that are opened in Sweden, and there are a
lot of them that are closed almost immediately because they are used in the
wrong way. There are a lot of easily closable notes out there that we could
get rid of to get the notes that actually contain usable information easier
to find. In my experience almost bigger town/city contains lots of notes
that are either 1) about something that is already tagged 2) a review or
opinion 3) easily fixable by adding or removing a tag 4) spam.

Therefore I wonder, is it possible to get notes sorted by date in some way?
That would make it easier to find those old notes that have been lying
around forever either waiting for a fix that will never come, have been
fixed long ago or contain outdated or bogus information. It would also be
nice to easily separate anonymous from logged in users. Maybe at least this
is something that someone has thought of creating a QA tool for?

Regards Andreas
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