[OSM-talk] Sidewalk symmetry

Ed Loach edloach at gmail.com
Tue Apr 24 09:50:11 UTC 2018

Clifford wrote:

> There is a good website that explains the separate way approach http://opensidewalks.com
> I know the people who put it together and they convinced me it's the better approach.

I would say separate ways make more sense in urban USA where you can't cross the road just anywhere, see e.g.

In the UK I would use sidewalk tags where the pavement (sidewalk) is only separated from the road by a kerb, and separate ways where there is something more (such as grass verge or fence or whatever). In the cases of verges I would then make sure private driveways, etc that cross the footpath are mapped so pedestrians can see the obvious places to cross without getting their shows wet should the grass be wet. You can still do things like sidewalk:surface if you want, and it appears many do:
Otherwise you start needing relations to show where separate sidewalk and road ways allow you to cross, or put arbitrary joining ways at intervals. Admittedly this method of mapping doesn't cope with the situation where there is a verge so narrow you can step across it without stepping on the grass.


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