[OSM-talk] Sidewalk symmetry

Lauri Kytömaa lkytomaa at gmail.com
Wed Apr 25 04:45:36 UTC 2018

Ed Loach wrote:

>where there is a verge so narrow you can step across it without stepping on the grass.

Unless you're with a walker, a pram or a stroller, or in a wheelchair.

> or put arbitrary joining ways at intervals.
Only useful where there's a real connection anyway, i.e. a route
starts from or crosses the highway; be it a driveway (garages count),
crossing, footway (or similar) leading away from road, or the intended
connection between sidewalk segments across the intersecting road. I
don't think any of these are any more arbitrary than the fact that in
intersection the two crossing ways both describe the area inside the
intersection, i.e. if the ways were expanded into areas with their
width, the areas overlap where the ways cross, but that's just the way
the model is.


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