[OSM-talk] Name:* tags in the local language

Daniel Koć daniel at xn--ko-wla.pl
Thu Apr 26 13:05:09 UTC 2018

W dniu 26.04.2018 o 14:49, Marc Gemis pisze:
> The name for the country in the name tag is " België / Belgique / Belgien" (*)
> The name for any street in Brussels is either "<name fr> - <name du>"
> or "<name du> - <name fr>" with the majority mapped with French in
> front.
> The names never use a semi-colon. Without looking at name:fr / name:nl
> tags you don't know which part of the name belongs to which language
> (I think).
> For Belgium there is no problem, as the names will only contain latin
> characters, but in other cases it might become difficult, not ?

1. In database we store values, not typographic conventions, that's why
semicolon to separate multiple values.

2. The data consumer can decide what type of separator she wants to use.
It's data presentation part, not data storage. One can decide to show "
België - Belgique - Belgien" for example or fall back to name and so on.
The same with streets: one may always render "<name fr> - <name nl>" or
"<name fr>/<name nl>" or whatever else (like one in bold and the second
one in italics).

"My method is uncertain/ It's a mess but it's working" [F. Apple]

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