[OSM-talk] Ground truth for non-physical objects

Tomas Straupis tomasstraupis at gmail.com
Tue Dec 11 15:03:04 UTC 2018

2018-12-11, an, 16:41 Rory McCann rašė:
> On 11/12/2018 12:38, Tomas Straupis wrote:
>>    If someone puts a label "Military academy" on their house, would we
>> map it as an actual military academy?
> No, but you would put "addr:housename=Military academy".

  Well IF you know it is not actually a Military academy. But if
you're not allowed to enter it would be difficult to say.

  Take any different example, say banner says "Ministry of silly
walks", how would it be possible to decide if it is a real ministry or
not (if you're not allowed to enter) and decide if it is housename or
office=government without looking into official documents?

  Also following the same logic, number "3A" in my example could go to
addr:housename, but not addr:housenumber

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