[OSM-talk] Ground truth for non-physical objects

Florian Lohoff f at zz.de
Wed Dec 12 10:38:31 UTC 2018

On Tue, Dec 11, 2018 at 01:38:37PM +0200, Tomas Straupis wrote:
> 2018-12-11, an, 13:27 Jochen Topf raΕ‘Δ—:
> > It seems you haven't understood the on-the-ground rule 5 years ago and
> > you still haven't. For all intents and purposes there is such an
> > address. Mail will arrive there, people can find the house when looking
> > for it.
>   Mail will not arrive there as mail will be stopped in post-office
> because of incorrect (not existing) address.

Nope - Try it yourself. If you live in Examplestreet 10 and you start
sending yourself postcards with Examplestreet 10a they'll reach you.

Deutsche Post has its complete own address record set than the State
and if Examplestreet 1-100 go into a certain post delivery district
any of those addresses, existant or not will be on the Desk of the
right guy to take your postcard. 

Otherwise it'll take 2 years for new construction areas to be able to
receive post - It works from day 1. It may take a day longer on the
first occurance of an address - but it works.

I used this for a couple years to taint address databases so i could
track who actually leaked the address to mail spam companies.

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