[OSM-talk] Grab using OSM Data for route preview

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Wed Dec 19 08:42:57 UTC 2018


On 19.12.2018 09:33, Ervin Malicdem wrote:
> I just hoped before they were given a seat as part of OSMF's ADVISORY
> board, these issues had been handled. 500 euros seems to clear all that
> history so soon.

A seat on the advisory board requires at least a "gold" level membership
which costs EUR 10000 per year.

I agree that we should hold our corporate members to even higher
standards than the average company out there, both in terms of
attribution (Grab's not the only corporate member taking a cavalier
attitude to that) and also in terms of how they are contributing data to
OSM, if any.


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