[OSM-talk] iD influencing tagging

John Whelan jwhelan0112 at gmail.com
Sun Apr 7 12:43:14 UTC 2019

I note that the matter has been raised in talk-de and mentioned in osm 

Tagging is not always easy, but I do have concerns when iD is so 
commonly used but the recommended tags do not align with OpenStreetMap 
I'll say normals.

Specifically one of my concerns is a semi-detached house is not 
recognised in iD only the more general tag house.

JOSM I think is much more open than iD but given the way OpenStreetMap 
functions I suspect ID is a much more closed environment.

For example JOSM has the buildings_tool plugin, Africa has a large 
number of odd shaped buildings mapped in iD.

Thoughts ladies and gentlemen?

Thanks John

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