[OSM-talk] Software configuration | Re: iD influencing tagging

Rory McCann rory at technomancy.org
Wed Apr 10 21:02:14 UTC 2019

On 07.04.19 14:43, John Whelan wrote:
> Tagging is not always easy, but I do have concerns when iD is so 
> commonly used but the recommended tags do not align with OpenStreetMap 
> I'll say normals.
> Specifically one of my concerns is a semi-detached house is not 
> recognised in iD only the more general tag house.

In JOSM, people, or groups, can make their own tagging presets. AFAIK iD 
unfortunately doesn't have this feature. If it did, the iD version on 
openstreetmap.org could be configured to something special, people could 
have their personal tagging presets "saved" somehow, maybe one could 
"load other presets from a remote address" via a URL parameter, allowing 
one to "load a preset with a link". Then each iD user wouldn't be able 
to complain to the iD developers. But that's not possible now.

For now, the OSM wiki voting isn't binding, the people who make editors 
have a lot of control. I'm sure patches & feature requests would be 

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