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Jóhannes Birgir Jensson joi at betra.is
Wed Apr 10 22:27:00 UTC 2019

iD seems to have this feature via MapRules: https://github.com/openstreetmap/iD/pull/5617 

10. apríl 2019 kl. 21:08, skrifaði "Rory McCann" <rory at technomancy.org>:

> On 07.04.19 14:43, John Whelan wrote:
>> Tagging is not always easy, but I do have concerns when iD is so
>> commonly used but the recommended tags do not align with OpenStreetMap
>> I'll say normals.
>> Specifically one of my concerns is a semi-detached house is not
>> recognised in iD only the more general tag house.
> In JOSM, people, or groups, can make their own tagging presets. AFAIK iD
> unfortunately doesn't have this feature. If it did, the iD version on
> openstreetmap.org could be configured to something special, people could
> have their personal tagging presets "saved" somehow, maybe one could
> "load other presets from a remote address" via a URL parameter, allowing
> one to "load a preset with a link". Then each iD user wouldn't be able
> to complain to the iD developers. But that's not possible now.
> For now, the OSM wiki voting isn't binding, the people who make editors
> have a lot of control. I'm sure patches & feature requests would be
> welcome....
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