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Yuri Astrakhan yuriastrakhan at gmail.com
Wed Apr 10 23:14:32 UTC 2019

On Wed, Apr 10, 2019 at 5:04 PM Rory McCann <rory at technomancy.org> wrote:

> In JOSM, people, or groups, can make their own tagging presets. AFAIK iD
> unfortunately doesn't have this feature. If it did, the iD version on
> openstreetmap.org could be configured to something special, people could
> have their personal tagging presets "saved" somehow, maybe one could
> "load other presets from a remote address" via a URL parameter, allowing
> one to "load a preset with a link".

Rory, I am actually hopping data items could become a general preset
storage for all editors. Each preset would be stored as a data item, and
editors would use a script to convert preset into a JSON file, or
eventually use it directly.  This approach has a number of advantages:

* easy to edit by community, track changes, and fix/revert in case of an
* easy to translate - one click description editing for every possible
* easy to verify / validate / cross-check - there are many ways to query
presets and to run validations on them, so an invalid preset can be quickly
* part of wiki - presets can be viewed as part of the regular wiki pages,
e.g. on a Tag:... page
* easy to add pictures and icons - part of wiki, or from commons - just
another property
* easy to categorize/partition presets - just another property to add
preset into a category, or have a whole category tree.
* easy to extend schema - just add more properties to target a new editor
feature - other editors will simply ignore it.
* ties with all other keys / tags / relations / relation roles -- if a
preset requires a tag, it is not a string, it is actually a reference to
that tag, with its own properties.
* easy to build custom UI -- structured data allows developers to have
custom editors for those presets

Obviously this has to be done in a non-disruptive, gradual way, and having
good quality control. I'm still researching on the best way to achieve this.

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