[OSM-talk] Stolpersteine - single monument or a monument type? (was Re: Bank of India (and other) Wikidata tags)

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>> Among other popular wikipedia links
>> "wikipedia='de:Stolpersteine'",
>> are also clearly invalid
> this one is not clearly invalid, you could take a stance that the article is about the whole of this artwork, and as it is distributed all parts would get the tag (or do you propose a relation for it to have one object for the whole?). I agree it is clearly redundant though.
I considered Stolpersteine as a monument type, not a single distributed monument.

Though Wikipedia has
"As of 23 October 2018, 70,000 Stolpersteine have been laid making the Stolpersteine 
project the world's largest decentralized memorial."
so now I am less sure.

I would certainly consult German community before starting some sort of an automatic
removal process (with sole exception of possible reverting of undiscussed mechanical edits).

I will move de:Stolpersteine to "technically incorrect, could be moved to using site
relation but involving site relations is almost never improvement, so lets consider it
as an acceptable tagging" in my list, to

pl:Wrocławskie krasnale
en:Urban Hydrology
en:Lunar Society Moonstones

and other similar situations.

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