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Mateusz Konieczny matkoniecz at tutanota.com
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Apr 18, 2019, 12:02 AM by andy at pigsonthewing.org.uk:

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>> [list of examples]
>> It would seem reasonable to have a bot routinely convert those to
>> brand:wikipedia tags, with (say) a white-list for HQ objects.
>> Also HQ should not be linked to Wikipedia article describing company.
> That depends, surely, on whether the HQ is represented by tags on the
> building-object, or on a node within a building, which may be a
> building with shared occupancy.
Yes, building element can be linked to entry describing building
(not company).

office=* element separated from building may be linked to entry
describing this specific office (unlikely to have a Wikipedia article,
though one may probably create a Wikidata entry).

> And if one is adding, say, the company's URL to an object, it is
> logical to add the Wikidata ID to the same object.
AFAIK we use website tag for urls about given element
and url for any sort-of related link.

In office=* element I would consider website tag linking to a company
website as an incorrect.

>> We could also suggest that tools (JOSM, ID, etc) issue a warning when
>> such values are added, ether based on matching items in a list, for
>> retching the item's "insatnce of" value from Wikidata.
>> I am not sure about is using "instance of" data from Wikidata limited by
>> copyright issues.
> Wikidata data is PD/CC0, so that is not an issue. Even if it were,
> referring to something is not the same as copying it.
Wikidata is CC0 under US law. For example it includes location data from
Google Maps (via import of location data from Wikipedia).

In general, at this moment Wikidata ignores sui generis database rights.

This is not blocking claiming that their database is CC0 under US law,
but it is not true for example under EU law.

And editing OSM based on Wikidata data us not the same as referring to it
(though likely editing OpenStreetMap limited to changing wikidata/wikipedia
links based on Wikidata/Wikipedia is fine. After all one needs to know 
what is linked - anything else would make creating any pointers
to external databases illegal).

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