[OSM-talk] OpenStreetMap Awards 2019 Call for Nominees is open!

Ilya Zverev ilya at zverev.info
Thu Apr 18 21:24:04 UTC 2019

Hi folks,

'Tis that time of the year: only a week until SotM Call for Papers 
closes, and time to think not only of your talk, but to remember 
everybody who has inspired you over the past year. We are preparing the 
next installment of the OSM Awards: please help us collect a long list 
of people worth honouring.


As always, please sumbit people and projects you have noticed to the 
website. Do not choose between who to mention and who isn't "worthy": 
this is a call for a long list, which will be shortened later by a 
closed voting. You can nominate yourself. You can nominate a friend. 
Please do. The only limitation is that the person or a project must have 
done something public after the 1st of June 2018. Basically, in the past 
year. A link would be great.

This year, there are some changes:

* Gone are the three regional categories. Sorry. On the other hand, I'm 
happy to notice people from less represented countries being very active 
in the community, and receiving awards in the general categories.

* Now only people are accepted to the six main categories. One or a 
pair, real names or OSM nicknames: not teams and not companies. Please 
google authors of the software you'd like to nominate (though if you 
insist, we can do it ourselves).

* Teams, groups and companies go to a separate category: Team 
Archievement Award. SotM organizing teams, Esri and like, JOSM 
developers and groups like that, all go here. If you want to nominate a 
single leader or a developer, consider other categories. If you want to 
nominate a vague group of people who did something great, this is the 

The call for nominees ends in July. Which does not mean you can postpone 
and eventually forget about the call. Please read the next WeeklyOSM 
with the idea of nominating people in mind. Look at tools you use and 
blogs you read. While saying thanks to a neighbouring mapper, consider 
nominating them. By doing that, you validate their efforts and make 
their year a little brighter. We all need that.

Please nominate: http://awards.osmz.ru

And if you have time, please contribute to the website translations:



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