[OSM-talk] An Archive namespace for the OSM wiki?

Warin 61sundowner at gmail.com
Sat Apr 20 08:37:51 UTC 2019

On 20/04/19 17:24, Jochen Topf wrote:
> On Fri, Apr 19, 2019 at 10:02:48PM +0200, Michael Reichert wrote:
>> there is currently a voting on a Deletion Policy [1] for the OSM wiki.
>> The policy was drafted because we had two incidents last year when
>> someone tried to delete a large number of old and orphaned tagging
>> proposals in draft state. He claimed that these pages might confuse
>> users looking for a tag.
>> He is not totally wrong with that. These pages can be confusing but
>> there are reasons why other users (including me) claim that most
>> proposals should be kept.
> I just realized that in my other reply to this post I didn't address the
> question you started with, namely whether tagging proposals are worth
> keeping.
> I still think that we should not be overly cautious. We should delete
> things when in doubt.

No. Delete the page when it is certain that the deletion will assist e.g. if the page has a better page that performs the task.

Out dated pages should have a link to the latest or at least a later page.
Where there is no further activity and no link pages in OSM on the subject it should be kept.

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