[OSM-talk] We're erasing our history in wiki

mmd mmd.osm at gmail.com
Mon Apr 22 18:40:14 UTC 2019

Am 22.04.19 um 12:37 schrieb Simon Poole:
> The last functional addition to the editing API was just over a year
> ago, in March 2018.
> Implying for rhetorical purposes that "nothing has changed" is rather
> disingenuous.
> Simon
> Am 22.04.2019 um 11:59 schrieb Ilya Zverev:
>> This attitude: “to do well we would need people responsible and there isn’t any; you can do your thing without OSM infrastructure so why bother; nobody died, stop your hype and comply” — is why we’re still with API 0.6 ten years after it was introduced.

If you read his most recent blog post on
http://shtosm.ru/all/desyat-let-api/, Ilya isn't exactly suggesting that
nothing has changed since API 0.6 was introduced.

I'm quoting the English translation below:

"Is it possible to somehow change small things?

The modern API 0.6 is noticeably different from what we got ten years
ago. Around 2012, additional functions began to be attached to it that
did not affect the data model. In May 2012, applications were able to
find out what rights they have. In August, hiding versions of objects
was added to the API for relicensing. In April 2013 , notes appeared .
In November 2014 , comments were added to the editing packages . The
last time the protocol was improved six months ago, when they improved
the search for notes through / notes / search.


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