[OSM-talk] Survey on global and local communities in OpenStreetMap

Dorothea Kazazi dorothea at osmfoundation.org
Wed Aug 7 10:59:34 UTC 2019


The following survey on global and local communities in OpenStreetMap 
was developed by board members. The survey is not quantitative and its 
aim is to stimulate  discussions in local communities and at the Local 
Chapters Congress at SotM.


~ The survey will run for two weeks.
~ Only one question is mandatory: "How can we share your answers?".

There is more information on the scope of the survey and approach on the 
opening page.

warm greetings,


Links you can share for different languages:

English (Base language): https://osmf.limequery.org/428835?lang=en
Chinese (Simplified): https://osmf.limequery.org/428835?lang=zh-Hans
Chinese (Traditional; Hong Kong): 
French: https://osmf.limequery.org/428835?lang=fr
German: https://osmf.limequery.org/428835?lang=de
Hungarian: https://osmf.limequery.org/428835?lang=hu
Italian: https://osmf.limequery.org/428835?lang=it
Lithuanian: https://osmf.limequery.org/428835?lang=lt
Persian: https://osmf.limequery.org/428835?lang=fa
Portuguese (Brazilian): https://osmf.limequery.org/428835?lang=pt-BR

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