[OSM-talk] sending location from a smart phone.

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Sun Aug 18 05:40:57 UTC 2019

This does exist, of course, ans open source:

Le 18 août 2019 05:26:02 GMT+02:00, stevea <steveaOSM at softworkers.com> a écrit :
>This feels like an interesting side project for OSM to keep its hands
>warm, rubbing over the campfire, ready to toss in a shoulder of help if
>needed.  Warin (below) says "a few years" yet I think with some good
>communication, coordination among countries, 112 / E911 / 999
>communities, mutual aid / volunteer fire departments, writers / coders
>of iOS and Android apps, this could really turn into something
>reasonably effective in a year or less.  A 1.0 that works worldwide and
>is extensible to any country (depending on phone / cellular / G3-G4-G5
>tech, whether the call center can handle SMS, whether the helicopter
>pilot and rescue team have data delivery systems that show them a map
>or visually / aurally read a string of lat-lon digits — not helpful, a
>visual map is usually immediately human-parsable) seems quite feasible
>to me.
>By 2020.  Nice discussion.  Thank you for introducing the topic, John. 
>May it continue and blossom.
>> On Aug 17, 2019, at 8:19 PM, Warin <61sundowner at gmail.com> wrote:
>> On the SMS front, it is not a question of an app but the receiving
>> Internationally 112 is the single number that is allocated to
>emergency services from cell phones.
>> In some countries that gets you a call centre that then sends you off
>to the police, fire or ambulance. in other countries you may end up
>with only the police.
>> Having them all contactable by SMS would be nice... but I don't think
>it is going to work world wide for many years.
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