[OSM-talk] Reordering and rewriting Good Practice wiki page

Joseph Eisenberg joseph.eisenberg at gmail.com
Thu Jul 4 03:53:23 UTC 2019

I've reordered and reworded several sections of the Good practice
page: https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Good_practice

The page had grown over the years from 6 or 7 initial sections:
(First verion of page in 2008

1) Don't map for the renderer
2) One feature, one OSM-object
3) Keep straight ways straight
4) Map what's on the ground
5)a) Don't remove tags you don't understand
   b) Document your custom-tags
6) Do correct errors

Now there were 22 different sections, several added this past year
without discussion, and they were not organized:

I've reordered and categorized these sections under 7 main headings:

1	Do correct errors
2	Verifiability (+Map what's on the ground, Don't map: historic
events, temporary features, local legislation etc)
3	Don't map for the renderer (+ Don't misuse name tag)
4	Good changeset comments (+Keep the history)
5	One feature, one OSM element
6	Editing Standards: (Align aerial imagery before tracing, Do not
trace from outdated imagery... Keep straight ways straight ... Mark
estimations with FIXME ... etc.)
7	Document your custom-tags (Don't remove tags that you don't understand...

I've made some wording changes for more consistent and concise style,
and removed some examples (eg abandoned railways)

I've removed 2 sections added in the past year:

"Don't map insignificant, perishable and mobile objects"
- this section duplicated information in the exiting heading about
temporary features

"Don't censor anything existing in reality for any reason. Avoid
interpolations if there is sufficient imagery."
- This seems redundant and the part about censoring data isn't
completely correct. We don't add personal info about who lives in a
private house, for example.

While I haven't done this yet, I would also recommend moving the long
details about "Keep the history", involving how to use specific
editors and checking history in certain editors, along with the
section "Check the history of important objects" which duplicates
advice in the Aerial Imagery section, to a new page, with a link:

Joseph Eisenberg, User:Jeisenbe

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