[OSM-talk] Reordering and rewriting Good Practice wiki page

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Thu Jul 4 09:27:30 UTC 2019


On 04.07.19 05:53, Joseph Eisenberg wrote:
> I've reordered and reworded several sections of the Good practice
> page: https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Good_practice

I would prefer if far-reaching edits to essential pages that describe a
community consensus would be made on a user page first so we can
discuss, rather than applying the "be bold" motto here. While now
discuss your changes, new users will see your version and think it is
somehow agreed on, when indeed it is just your idea of how it should be.

Of course this also applies to everyone else who added stuff before you.

This is not to criticise the edits you made, just a matter of principle.
In fact I find our edits make sense and generally improve the page.

One pet peeve I often have on the Wiki, and I think it is something
brought in by Wikipedia users, is over-use of linking. When I read a
sentence like:

"The name tag should ... not describe or label the feature"

and there is a hyperlink behind "describe", then I expect that hyperlink
to be pertinent to the situation being discussed (e.g. a link to a page
that explains how a name would describe a feature). I would not expect a
generic link to a definition of the word "describe" or, as you put it, a
link to the tag "description" - that's not helpful here, unnecessarily
disrupts the reading flow, and even confusing when someone clicks on it.


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