[OSM-talk] Facebook mapping highways using AI in collaboration with OpenStreetMap

stevea steveaOSM at softworkers.com
Wed Jul 24 20:16:37 UTC 2019

I'm not sure whether Martijn said this or not, I'm not sure if the BBC reporter was spoofed, I'm not sure what "Map with AI" is (a front, cover or shell company for Facebook or one of its many arms?), I'm simply not sure about virtually everything regarding this story.  It seems like a meme planted by Facebook to see what sort of reaction it would draw, but that is a guess, as I can gain no useful information from this reporting whatsoever.  I'm very, very skeptical about everything to do with it.

If your "media criticism meter" didn't "peg into the red zone" when reading this, perhaps it should have.  Something smells absolutely terrible about this and on many fronts.  Please be cautious about everything having anything to do with it.

Simply my opinion,

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