[OSM-talk] Terminate Facebook rights under ODbL

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Sun Jun 9 20:31:10 UTC 2019


On 09.06.19 20:00, Christoph Hormann wrote:
> I applaud you placing the ball in the OSMF board's court on this matter 
> but i would not expect substantial actions from there.

The board has received the message and I'm sure it will be discussed
internally in due course.

It might be worth noting that LWG are working on improved attribution
and perhaps it makes sense to delay any drastic action until these are
ready. I don't expect any big changes (basic requirements of the license
are not up for discussion) but perhaps some useful clarifications.

> And with at the moment at least four out of seven OSMF board members 
> having ties to big organizational OSM data users/contributors ... well, 
> as we say in German:  Eine Krähe hackt der anderen kein Auge aus.

Be that as it may, but there's also another thing to keep in mind: The
OSMF board doesn't have an army of eager workers at their fingertips
whom we can task with something. As you know, there's always discussion
about enlarging the organisation, hiring more staff, hiring an executive
director (which OSM US have done with much fanfare) etc., and as you
also know, I am usually against such "OSMF inflation". I don't know what
your position is in these matters; but actually cataloguing license
violations, sending the appropriate legal nastygrams to the appropriate
legal entities in the appropriate countries and all that, is certainly
something that can occupy one employee full time - an employee where the
OSMF would likely depend on corporate members like Facebook to pay their
salary. So we have to be careful with what we demand from the OSMF.

As you rightly say, while the OSMF board's cooperation might be required
for a few legal aspects, there are many potential avenues of "direct
action" that people could take to, but apparently the issue is not
*that* big for most.


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