[OSM-talk] Terminate Facebook rights under ODbL

Christoph Hormann osm at imagico.de
Sun Jun 9 18:52:17 UTC 2019

On Sunday 09 June 2019, Nuno Caldeira wrote:
> > And with at the moment at least four out of seven OSMF board
> > members having ties to big organizational OSM data
> > users/contributors ... well, as we say in German:  Eine Krähe hackt
> > der anderen kein Auge aus.
> Are those ties public? Are they connected to any of the corporate
> members of OSMF?

To some extent this is documented on


but this is not always up-to-date and does not necessarily contain all 
the details.

Note corporate OSMF membership does not currently come with any 
behaviour requirements so it is not really that relevant here.  We had 
some time ago a bit of discussion though on osmf-talk about if there 
should be rules related to corporate OSMF membership:


but this is more about behavioural rules.  The requirement to comply 
with the license (which is something every OSMF data users has to do) 
is not something that makes sense to specifically ask from corporate 

Christoph Hormann

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