[OSM-talk] OSM user diary etiquette

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Tue Jun 25 09:19:36 UTC 2019


On 25.06.19 10:45, Harry Wood wrote:
> Do you have the option of *editing* a diary entry to delete sections of
> it, or even delete the whole text? 

No. This is something the admins can do by fiddling directly with the
database, obviously, but there's no user interface for anyone but the
author doing it. I guess that would not be too difficult to change, but
that would then raise the question of whether we need to keep track of
changes (who made what change when), and thereby potentially open a
feature can of worms. Plus, since users can edit their own diary
entries, they could of course always remove the note saying that
something has been removed... you could argue this could become part of
a constructive process but I don't know, it sounds complicated.

> We could also say diary entries should "make sense", e.g. minimum
> length. Not just some a few random words. 

"Hello I am <NAME> and I am standing for election to <BODY> of <ORG>" ;)

> We could also say diary entries should not be used a place to pose a
> question, or engage in communication styles which obviously fit better
> on other channels. For example I saw someone post a diary entry asking
> if the tile servers were currently offline. He argued that this was the
> best way to get attention, which may well be true, but it was an obvious
> misuse of the diaries feature to my mind.

Interestingly we have simply added the feature at some point, without
telling people what to use it for. The term "diary" - and I don't know
how it has been translated - seems to say that the idea was for people
to record what they have experienced (while mapping, I guess?), rather
than being a blog with general comments about the state of the world.
But then again, simply putting the feature out there and see what people
would use it for does have something very OSM-y to it.

I think that many soft rules, like "you shouldn't use this to post a
question", can also be developed and enforced by the community without a
well defined process and without ever being written down. If someone
posts a question and three others tell them that this was not a good
idea, they will likely learn, and everyone else who reads the exchange
will learn, too.


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