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> On 1. Mar 2019, at 20:42, Simon Poole <simon at poole.ch> wrote:
> The good news is that most re-users of OSM data  are good citizens and
> even if they mistakenly haven't provided acceptable attribution, fix it

the bad news is: this is by numbers of publishers, if you count (end)users it is not sure that „most“ of them will see the attribution without desperately searching for it, because it is the giants with millions and billions of users who hide the attribution. Mapbox at least has it “only” one click away on mobile (I’m not saying this is fine), Apple’s attribution is already 2 clicks plus a lot of scrolling away, and Facebook has missing it completely (as least it seems so on mobile and logged out, maybe if you login you can find it somewhere):
it is even misleading because a click on the map opens apple maps (on an iphone).

I agree we should require attribution on the map or close to it (visible without clicking), for all kind of device sizes, particularly we should put emphasis that osm is credited with the same prominence as other map data providers and logos in general. If there is room for a mapbox logo or tomtom logo, there should also be a reference to osm. It is specifically problematic when / in areas where the data comes mostly from osm and the prominent logo of someone else suggests they appropriate it (implicit misattribution).

Ciao, Martin 

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