[OSM-talk] Windows, end users and OpenStreetMap suggestions please

john whelan jwhelan0112 at gmail.com
Sun Mar 3 17:27:41 UTC 2019

Locally there is a group that would like to know where the nearest
supermarket is.

It should be simple enough but I wasn't able to think of a simple solution.

On Android we have OSMand which works well off line but for a windows lap
top I couldn't think of anything similar so I'm looking for suggestions.

These aren't mappers as such so solutions such as JOSM which I would
normally use off line doesn't really cut it.

Online using www.openstreetmap.org nomation will accept "supermarket
cobourg ontario" and return four results each of which can be selected.

If I use iD I can do a search but only when iD is zoomed in to the area.
Is it possible to load iD up with a local file?

Maperitive does work but explaining to a non technical non mapper how to
load up a local file then then do a search for supermarket might be

Then we get to routing which is built in to OSMand but how does one do it
off line on a windows platform?

Thanks John
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