[OSM-talk] trash racks in front or after waterway=culvert

MonkZ i at monkz.de
Tue Mar 12 00:25:53 UTC 2019


I'm seeking for a proper tag for installations (trash racks / screens)
like this:
> http://www.bonn.de/imperia/md/images/umwelt-gesund-planen-bauen-wohn/plan-bau-wohn/tiefbauamt/endenicher_bach_2014_01_w.jpg
> http://www.halcyon-solutions.co.uk/RFWT/se2641.jpg
> https://awmawater-wpengine.netdna-ssl.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/11/automated_trash_rack_debris_drawing_awma.jpg

Basically a structure immersed the water, to collect trash, keep
culverts from jamming and (sometimes) people from getting sucked into
the culvert.

These installations have certain properties like barriers, so I would
classify them as barrier=trash_rack (but there are only two instances of
it (source: taginfo) - so I wouldn't say it is defined by usage).

There are also different forms of this kind of barrier.
alignment- slanted or not or ...;
material- metal or net or ...;
have they mechanical components for automated cleaning...
Are doors present...

Alternatives? Suggestions? Suggestions for compositions?


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