[OSM-talk] Questionnaire

Tom Pfeifer t.pfeifer at computer.org
Sat Mar 23 16:22:53 UTC 2019

On 23.03.2019 10:56, Daniela Šedlárová wrote:
> Good day,
> My name ist Daniela and I´m a student of geography. Please fill out the questionnaire for my thesis. 
> The It takes you about 10 minutes.


First, I consider it impolite to jump into a mailing list (apparently not the only one), and request 
others to work for you, without any explanation:

- what university/college you are studying at,
- what the topic of the research is in general,
- what you are trying to find out specifically,
- where we can see any results.

Others have already criticized that posting a link to an arbitrary document is counterproductive,
I would not click such a link as it could be a scam.

Finally, at least in Europe where I know it, preforming an online survey would be considered to be 
research involving humans as participants, and require an Research Ethics approval from your 
university, which you should have applied for. You would need to consider how personal data are 
processed in this context.

Here are some explanations from universities, your favourite search enigne will deliver more examples.


Kind regards

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