[OSM-talk] iD invents nosquare=yes for buildings which should not be squared

Florian Lohoff f at zz.de
Fri May 10 09:02:40 UTC 2019


On Thu, May 09, 2019 at 06:00:20PM -0400, Jmapb wrote:
> This strikes me as a pretty bad idea. I map in NYC where we have lots,
> lots, lots of nearly-square buildings with official footprints imported
> from the city's open data initiative. When a mapper not familiar with
> the history here gets a message from iD (which, to many mappers, is
> indistinguishable from getting a message from OSM itself) encouraging
> them to square a building, they'll do it because it seems like the right
> thing to do. So the official, highly-accurate footprints are lost. And
> adjacent buildings with shared nodes are also distorted.

I agree on this. Its a bad idea for nearly square buildings to complain 
on them. Not everying is 90° - Not even in Germany where we love
rectangular things.

But the point is that i'd like a generic way to to qa/validation
hinting. I just sent a similar mail in in a similar thread on the 
German mailinglist.

I'd like to see qa/validation hinting tags be more organised:


or the list form:


So every validator could have the "suppress check XYZ" on this object.

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