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Simon Poole simon at poole.ch
Sun Sep 8 23:32:51 UTC 2019

To illustrate where this discussion has gone awry please consider a
rendering using 10 data sources all licensed on ODbL terms (in real life
it is not uncommon to have multiple dozens of different sources, so 10
is not a high number).  The ODbL does not, nor does any other open
licence, intend for such a product not to be possible because of the
practicalities of  providing simultaneously visible attribution of all
sources all the time.

Am 09.09.2019 um 00:10 schrieb Joseph Eisenberg:
> The attribution should be at least (c)OpenStreetMap, but it's fine to
> give more detail like:
> 1. Using just the coastal shoreline in the basemap:
> (c) OtherDataSource, coastline (c)OpenStreetMap
> 2. Using OSM basemap in 1 along with roads, rivers and water bodies
> <other data> (c) OtherDataSource, basemap (c)OpenStreetMap
> 3. Using OSM basemap with 2 and buildings
> (c)OpenStreetMap, <other data> (c) OtherDataSource
> It seems simpler to just clearly state "you need to include
> (c)OpenStreetMap on the map if you use OpenStreetMap" rather than
> making more complicated rules.
> - Joseph Eisenberg
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