[OSM-talk] stalking, or stepping on someone's toes (area) ?

80hnhtv4agou at bk.ru 80hnhtv4agou at bk.ru
Thu Sep 19 21:34:00 UTC 2019

    Are there programs that are spying on me, like they do 
in wikipedia – wikidata in real time, that is see 
what i am doing , or is there a way of seeing  point edits by name, 
that is every time someone edits, adds 
a certain  named point ? 
   Every time i go out on the  bus (no car) a few miles from 
my on the ground area 
and see things like new bus stops, etc. when i get back to my computer i 
add them to the map 
if they were of course not there, and every time someone comes along and 
changes things
or adds things in that area based on tracing and not real time.
also i get messages from the same person with bus stops saying i have done 
it wrong
without telling where it is a rule, it seems this one person controls all 
bus routes in a 
3,446   square 
miles area, but does not add all the stops and “the bus will stops 
along the route where it is safe to do so” and these 
are where i pick up the bus
and there not all on his downloaded list or live 
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