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ok. what about in bus systems out side of europe or canada , we do not do 
things that way, in that the name on the map,
standard OSM, is the number, that stops are hail and ride, with or without 
signs and or posted with just the number. 
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In this example, the name of the bus stop is, "Ridgeline Blvd 
& Highlands Ranch Pkwy". Each bus stop on a route has a different name. The 
name of the bus route in this example is " RTD 
Route 0" .

Please read,  "Adding 
a bus route to OpenStreetMap";
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>  stop (correction) 
>I am being told this is “hail and ride”, which in the united states we do 
>  not talk that way,
>but why is the map name “Ridgeline Blvd & Highlands Ranch Pkwy” and not  0.
>again this is the united states and we use 
>  numbers not names.
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>  to my last email. Below is the correct text. Sorry about that. 
>If I 
>        understand your question correctly, the route number is part of a 
>        "relation".  
>        to the link below. 
>With your mouse, select the Bus Stop node. Look 
>        to the left side of your screen. Scroll down to see the tags attached to 
>        this Bus Stop.
>        the tags, you will see a relation in blue font. In this case the route 
>        number is, " RTD Route 0 ". 
>        you scroll over the blue font text with your cursor you will see the 
>        road lights up in blue.
>        route number is placed in the  route relation .
>See, "Adding a bus route to OpenStreetMap" 
>        here;
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>>>but where is the route number, if i am looking at a map i need to 
>>>      know what route,
>>>if i am standing there i know what road i am on.
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>>>      can be used for a platform number
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