[OSM-talk] Funding of three infrastructure projects : Nominatim, osm2pgsql, Potlatch 2

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Sun Aug 2 15:29:10 UTC 2020


On 8/2/20 14:51, pangoSE wrote:
> I never use nonfree software like flash so I never tried P2. What is so
> special about it? Is there something hindering adding that specialness
> (as a plugin perhaps) to JOSM?

Every single Potlatch user has probably been told 20 times that they
should be switching to JOSM because it is so much better. If they
haven't until now, they never will.

I'd recommend a pragmatic approach here. If we can spend EUR 2500 to
make life easier for those several thousand people using Potlatch
regularly, and most of them doing so because they want and not because
they have no other choice, then why not.

If you look for principles and symbolism, yes Potlatch currently
requires a non-free platform to run, but the OSMF trying to support a
multitude of editors rather than pick one and support only that is IMHO
a positive signal.


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