[OSM-talk] Panorama Mapping Party with TrekView - May 23 - Ashurst, New Forest, UK

Nick Whitelegg nick.whitelegg at solent.ac.uk
Fri Feb 7 17:36:40 UTC 2020

Hello everyone,

As some of you may know I am developing OpenTrailView (https://opentrailview.org), a pure 100% FOSS StreetView-like application for off-road routes such as hiking trails which uses OpenStreetMap data to auto-connect the panoramas together.

Recently I've been working with Trek View (trekview.org), an organisation which aims to capture panoramas of the natural world.
In their words: TrekView is a not-for-profit organisation using the power of panoramic photography to help educate and protect against further destruction of our beautiful planet. In 2020, they're launching Trekker Camp. Think virtual field trips. Trekker Camp will design and deliver immersive learning experiences to give students (7-11) the necessary understanding and skills to tackle the world's most pressing issues, from ocean health to climate change.

TrekView loan 360 camera packs (using the GoPro Fusion) to allow people to capture imagery of the natural world, from off-road routes including hiking routes and rivers. As well as Google Street View, TrekView's software now allows contributors to upload to OpenTrailView.

On to the most important aspect of this post. On May 23rd, and inspired by OSM mapping parties, we're organising a Panorama Mapping Party at Ashurst, New Forest, Hampshire, UK, with the aim of intensively capturing panoramic imagery of the paths and trails in the area which will then be uploaded to OpenTrailView. As OSM coverage in the area is exceptionally good, this should then result in the creation of extensive walk-through tours of the area.

The form will be similar to mapping parties. The plan is to meet at 11:00 (there's a train which arrives from London at the local station, Ashurst New Forest, at around 10:45), plan, capture imagery and then get together in the pub afterwards.

More details (with OSM map showing location): https://www.trekview.org/blog/2020/pano-party-new-forest-uk-may-23-2020/

So if you're interested in 360 photography and OSM, then do come along! 360 camera packs will be available to borrow and use on the day, or if you have your own device, please bring it along.


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