[OSM-talk] is OSM a fake map.

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i am seeing different images on different maps, bing is very old in my area,
trails that were once there are over grown and impassable.
roads do not change,
but shopping malls are torn down, and rivers are diverted,
landfills that look flat with stuff on top are miss labeled
over flow ponds look like flat grass land
retention dry ponds, look like holes in the ground with water on the satellite pass,
all this by the tracer not a person on the ground.
From: Oleksiy Muzalyev
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Still the current map is much better that say the map from the year of 1538:  https://olinuris.library.cornell.edu/sites/default/files/user7/Waldseemuller_1507.jpg
On that old map the continents' shapes are incorrect, half of the North America is absent. However, such a map is still better than nothing. People could navigate quite efficiently with it.
I guess the quality of the map will continue to improve, especially when the orthorectified aerial imagery becomes available in real time.
I also used an app on my phone to record the GPS traces, however a dedicated GPS tracker has got some advantages. It is waterproof, it can record a GPS trace for many hours without discharging the battery of a communication device. A DIY ultra-low cost GPS tracker can be placed say on the roof of a car what I would not risk to do with a phone.
Best regards,
On 12/30/19 14:41,  80hnhtv4agou at bk.ru wrote:
>yes i used a phone to check it out,
>but if the tracers are using old images, who to say the rest of the world is correct.
>rivers, streams, trails, sidewalks dry flood ponds bus stops, gates, fences, billboards phone towers, ect.
>From: Oleksiy Muzalyev
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>You can make the map quite precise and up to date by employing a GPS tracker. Here is, for example, a 431 km GPS trace which I recorded with the Garmin 35 eTrex device (no affiliation) earlier this month in Mexico from inside the bus:  https://connect.garmin.com/modern/activity/4330126920 . This GPS trace is also published to the OSM map.
>Garmin 35 uses the EGNOS, the European Geostationary Navigation Overlay Service, a satellite based augmentation system, in Europe, and the WAAS, the Wide Area Augmentation System, in the North America. It is capable to record a GPS trace for about 20 hours on a pair of cheap alkaline AA batteries even from inside the train, bus, car, or on bicycle.
>It is possible to build a DIY, do-it-yourself, GPS tracker from and Arduino type micro-controller [1] and a 15 USD GPS module [2]. The total cost would be about 30.- USD. There are videos on Youtube on how to do it.
>So one can record a GPS trace while cycling around a new building or a park, then publish the GPS trace to the OSM map, and finally to map them precisely and up to date in an editor by the GPS traces, even if they are not on satellite images yet.
>[1]  https://www.banggood.com/Wholesale-ATMEGA328-328p-5V-16MHz-Pro-Mini-PCB-Module-Board-p-68534.html
>[2]  https://www.banggood.com/UBLOX-NEO-M8N-BN-880-Flight-Control-GPS-Module-Dual-Module-Compass-p-971082.html
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>On 12/29/19 22:46, 80hnhtv4agou--- via talk wrote:
>>i am talking about in my own back yard,
>>i just hiked a mile down the street to check it out, it was not the same when i was there in
>>1985, but it did not match the mapper either.
>>to that end, bing is 2015 or 16,
>>as an example the county forest preserve map took from osm, so mappers have copied that and it is wrong
>>and how do you see thing under the trees unless you walk it.
>>so who is to say that any of OSM is not fake.
>>if all mappers are tracing.
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>>I'm fairly lucky in that in the last three years nothing much has changed locally.  The highways have stayed much the same.  Most buildings are still there.
>>If you use Bing to add things then realistically it fills in gaps in the map.  If you delete things because they are not in Bing that is a quite different matter.
>>Does it matter if the mapper lives more than five miles away?  Well I've mapped places a few thousand miles away but they were places I knew very well as I used to live there.
>>I don't think OSM will ever be completely accurate.  Having said that it is still very useful for many purposes.
>>Cheerio John  
>>On Sun, 29 Dec 2019, 12:31 80hnhtv4agou--- via talk, < talk at openstreetmap.org > wrote:
>>>it say in some wiki. to correct what you find wrong on the map,
>>>not one “other nearby users” is a current mapper, and all edits in a 5 mile radius are not coming from an on the ground
>>>mappers in my area but 20 miles + away and are tracing from bing, and the images on bing in my local area are from
>>>2016 so i do not see how the map locally is true, and it is not easy to go and see every thing they have done,
>>>no car or bike.
>>>every thing i do is backed up by me on mapillary, and in traces. _______________________________________________
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