[OSM-talk] is OSM a fake map.

Mario Frasca mario at anche.no
Sat Jan 4 16:42:14 UTC 2020

Hi.  I'm trying to understand what are you talking about, and I have two

1- that there are mistakes in the map.  that's a good thing, that you
are able to spot them, because you can correct them.  I suggest you do
so, and share the good news when you have something to celebrate!

2- you hope that someone helps you correcting them.  in that case it
would be helpful if you would share a link to the area you can't correct

I can assure you, in my experience, the big G map is much, much, much
faker than OSM, at least in marginal areas.  like Jardín, Antioquia in
2015, or Las Minas, Los Santos right now.  it shows roads that do not exist.

but yes, also OSM has trolls mapping non existent stuff, very true. 
stay alert and remove mistakes, or ask the community for help, providing
the relevant links to the suspicious edits.

ciao, happy mapping, Mario

On 01/01/2020 10:00, 80hnhtv4agou--- via talk wrote:
> i am seeing different images on different maps, bing is very old in my
> area,
> trails that were once there are over grown and impassable.
> roads do not change,
> but shopping malls are torn down, and rivers are diverted,
> landfills that look flat with stuff on top are miss labeled
> over flow ponds look like flat grass land
> retention dry ponds, look like holes in the ground with water on the
> satellite pass,
> all this by the tracer not a person on the ground.
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