[OSM-talk] changing tables for adults

Holger Dieterich holger at sozialhelden.de
Wed Jan 22 09:31:24 UTC 2020

Dear OSM community,

I suggest to use this new tag to describe changing places which are
specifically made to be suitable for adults:


This is the result from a discussion we had in the German forum:

For people who need these facilities it increase their mobility a lot (and
also good to know for their assistants).

Examples of providers of such facilities:
* https://www.toiletten-fuer-alle.de/ has 80 facilities installed in Germany
* http://www.changing-places.org/ has 1.436 facilities installed in the
UK (if I see this correctly on their website)

Here is an example photo:

Feedback is welcome! With that, I plan to update the wiki in English and



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