[OSM-talk] Simple Task Manager: First release of yet another tasking manager

Hauke Stieler mail at hauke-stieler.de
Sun Jul 19 13:41:16 UTC 2020

Hi all,

since the end of March I'm working on my own tasking manager as an
alternative to the HOT tasking manager, the damn project or MapCraft:
Simple Task Manager (or STM for short).
Feel free to check out the code [0] or the hosted version:


# Why a new tasking manager?
None of the existing project fits all my personal needs: Simple and easy
user interface, easy to host by yourself and uses latest software.
Second big reason: I finally found a programming project I can work on
for a longer period of time and I enjoy it :)

# The basic idea
As the name "Simple Task Manager" suggests, I wanted to create a very
simple tasking manager just to do things like "this square is 30% done"
or similar. Something like MapCraft, but in fancy (UI as well as code)
and new (for example: MapCraft doesn't compile or run on newer systems).

# What can I do with STM?
Basically organize parallel mapping in a certain region so that you
don't end up in conflicts. You also get an idea how much work has been done.

* Create a project
* Create/upload polygons (called "tasks"):
  * Draw, upload or load polygons from overpass
  * Optionally: subdivide polygons
* Save project and invite other mappers
* Assign yourself to a task
* Add "process points" to say how far a task is done (setting e.g. 3 out
of 10 points says "this is done by 30%")

Currently all projects are private and for invited users only, so you
can simply create a project, fiddle around and remove it when you're
done. Also: Only the creator can remove a project ;)

Feel free to give feedback, ask questions, open issues, report bugs and
of course hack around with the code :)

- Hauke

PS.: Thanks to the Hamburg (Germany) community to test STM several times
and giving me feedback!

[0] https://github.com/hauke96/simple-task-manager

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