[OSM-talk] Simple Task Manager: First release of yet another tasking manager

Jiri Vlasak jiri.hubacek at gmail.com
Tue Jul 21 08:07:18 UTC 2020

Hello Hauke,

the author of the damn project [1] here. First, I appreciate you work. It's
awesome to see an alternative for comparison and inspiration.

I want to ask if you are willing to do some load testing. I did some for the
damn server [2] and I would love to see some comparable results. The idea is to
simulate mapathon on known hardware and share statistics.

The same question for HOT Tasking Manager developers if there are some
subscribed to the list -- would you care to do some comparable load testing?

[1]: https://www.damn-project.org/
[2]: https://www.openstreetmap.org/user/qeef/diary/393240

Have a nice day,

On Sun, Jul 19, 2020 at 03:41:16PM +0200, Hauke Stieler wrote:
> Hi all,
> since the end of March I'm working on my own tasking manager as an
> alternative to the HOT tasking manager, the damn project or MapCraft:
> Simple Task Manager (or STM for short).
> Feel free to check out the code [0] or the hosted version:
> 	https://stm.hauke-stieler.de
> # Why a new tasking manager?
> None of the existing project fits all my personal needs: Simple and easy
> user interface, easy to host by yourself and uses latest software.
> Second big reason: I finally found a programming project I can work on
> for a longer period of time and I enjoy it :)
> # The basic idea
> As the name "Simple Task Manager" suggests, I wanted to create a very
> simple tasking manager just to do things like "this square is 30% done"
> or similar. Something like MapCraft, but in fancy (UI as well as code)
> and new (for example: MapCraft doesn't compile or run on newer systems).
> # What can I do with STM?
> Basically organize parallel mapping in a certain region so that you
> don't end up in conflicts. You also get an idea how much work has been done.
> * Create a project
> * Create/upload polygons (called "tasks"):
>   * Draw, upload or load polygons from overpass
>   * Optionally: subdivide polygons
> * Save project and invite other mappers
> * Assign yourself to a task
> * Add "process points" to say how far a task is done (setting e.g. 3 out
> of 10 points says "this is done by 30%")
> Currently all projects are private and for invited users only, so you
> can simply create a project, fiddle around and remove it when you're
> done. Also: Only the creator can remove a project ;)
> Feel free to give feedback, ask questions, open issues, report bugs and
> of course hack around with the code :)
> - Hauke
> PS.: Thanks to the Hamburg (Germany) community to test STM several times
> and giving me feedback!
> [0] https://github.com/hauke96/simple-task-manager
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