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I am not copying any thing, just looking at a satellite view from google . 
it was a ruler. 
>Saturday, June 13, 2020 9:40 AM -05:00 from Lester Caine <lester at lsces.uk>:
>On 13/06/2020 15:08, 80hnhtv4agou--- via talk wrote:
>> why are you telling me I can not use google as a map source
>First reason is that Google don't allow copying of their material to
>other services.
>But the main reason is that all of the content in OSM is required to be
>free of any copyright restrictions so anything you copy from ANY other
>source, you have to ensure that source is 'old news' i.e. is out of
>copyright. Where possible what appears should be personal observation of
>local locations and not looked up on streetview for example.
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