[OSM-talk] Facebook acquires crowdsourced mapping company Mapillary

Michael Reichert osm-ml at michreichert.de
Fri Jun 19 19:38:15 UTC 2020


Am 19/06/2020 um 16.06 schrieb Simon Poole:
> In any case doing that from scratch would be a real pain. I believe the
> OSC stack is now actually all OSS which would be a far better starting
> point -if- sustainable funding could be built around the whole thing.

I looked at the GitHub repositories of OpenStreetCam about two weeks ago
because I remembered that someone having claimed a couple of years ago
OSC to be open source with some minor exceptions.


I found the source code of the Android and iOS app and the website but
no code for a backend on a server. A deeper look into the repository of
the Android app points out that the publice source code lags behind the
release in Google Play and some of its dependencies make it unsuitable
for F-Droid [1].

Best regards


[1] I consider the people running F-Droid to be as picky w.r.t. building
things from source as people at Debian are. <insert applause here>

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